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Your World, Understood.
Kade Autumn Farnsworth (Epistemist) - Current CEO and Director of Spidech Labs

Welcome to the Spidech Labs website.

Spidech Labs was formed in November of 1988 as a central location for magic-enhanced scientific studies. In our attempts to better understand the interaction between magic and the world around us, we have uncovered many facts that had previously remained hidden.

Our primary goals are unmarketable so a secondary effort we have developed involves the production, patenting and selling of several substances and technological advances which can be marketed to provide financing for the rest of the projects run at our lab. Thusly deemed "secondary products" that we have developed in the past include:

  • enhanced fertilizers
  • soaps and other cleaning products
  • production methods for integrated circuitry
and even
  • a meat substitute product used by several fast-food restaurants

Spidech Labs is the perfect organization to consider for any development project you wish to pursue. We have no fewer than twenty wizards on site at any given time during business hours and a perfectly balanced staff of GreenThumbs, ThickHeads and Epistemists. Our highly trained staff members have also made professional connections with wizards in almost any field of study you may wish to pursue. Between our regular staff, the volunteer help and willing professional contacts, Spidech Labs is prepared to follow any reasonable line of study that is brought to us.

Please feel free to check out our laboratory and consider us the next time you have a project you need to outsource. We are largely self-sustaining through the patent and sales of our "secondary products", so our pricing can be quite reasonable and flexible.

Kade Autumn Farnsworth
CEO and Director

Newly Converted Wizard Resources

This site is also intended to be a useful resource for the recently converted wizard. There is much about magic that can take quite a while to learn, but can become crucial to your survival in certain situations.

It is not our intention to teach you how to use your new powers. Rather, you simply need to know the various strengths and pitfalls associated with them. It is best for you to learn techniques on your own, but the foundation we present here will hopefully allow you to move forward with confidence.

We suggest you start by reading up about your spider here.

Disclaimer: Spidech Labs is an expressly faction-neutral facility. We employ any who are willing to keep faction talk out of the workplace and do their duty. Some employees may maintain ties with factions like the Jathian Order, the Tokath movement or the Porthim sect. However Spidech Labs as a corporation claims absolutely no ties to any ideology regarding the Jathian struggle or any other contention for power.

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